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Lottery Software

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This is my story

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My name is Reginald Johnson Sr. graduated Lima Sr. High School 1977. Landed my first job at 18 year of age, I’ve been a workaholic every since. Now at 55 years old roller skating was a pass time hobby, my house hold chores consist of grabbing the remote and emptying the trash if it’s not to heavy, like my dad I love being on the water fishing, well let me just say almost like my dad he catches the trophy size I’m talking about the ones he photographs and put in the Lime News Paper compared to ones that looks like he used to catch it with. Presently unemployed from the construction field these old bone are not like they use to be, they are wearing down on me, but looking at me as my friends tell me I’m a young man trapped in an old man’s body, I just laugh and say to myself you just don’t feel my pain, at this age looking for a change in pace is favorable no more strenuous activities, daily physical challenges, dehydration, heat exhaustion, laid off due to lack of work in the winter months. It’s time for a change in my life where I should not have to do all of the above to make ends meet; living pay check to pay check is not promising. There are thing that I have yet to do and things I want to do again and watching these webinars open my eyes to a whole new perspective I don’t want to look back and say I should’ve, could’ve, when I should have. That’s when I remembered someone very close to me said LIFE is too short to wake up with regrets, she said LOVE the ones who treat u right, ignore the ones who don’t. Believe that things happen for a reason, and if you get a second chance for something SPECTACULAR grab it with both hands n hang on.....!!!  And that’s what I am going to do. I believe this is my turning point in life to make deference I am giving GDI (Global Domain International) a try why not they are letting me do it free for 7 days I figure that I’ll have a big smile on my face when that period ends Watch This Video and see how easy it is to get started. lok for The KING here 

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Online Shopping

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SYNC by 50™ Wireless Headphones allow you to roam wherever the music takes you — whether it's across town or around the world. Perfect for commuting, jogging or travel, professionally tuned to provide the clearest, cleanest, most dynamic range of sound and made with only the highest-quality materials for the ultimate in style and comfort. 

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Kobe Bryant and Mother dispute

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The Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant in court battle with his mother over Memorabilia

Kobe Bryant is in a court battle with his mother because she is trying to auction off his old Lakers and high school memorabilia.

Pamela Bryant was given 0,000 up front by a New Jersey auction house to surrender mementos from Kobe's days at Lower Merion High and in his early seasons with the Lakers. She planned to use the advance to help purchase a Nevada home.

Kobe Bryant has moved to block the auction.

Mother and son allegedly talked about the items five years ago, according to lawyers for Goldin Auctions.

"Kobe Bryant indicated to Pamela Bryant that the items belonged to her and that he had no interest in them," the lawyers wrote in court documents, adding that Pamela was spending ,500 a month to store the items.

There are about 900 items totaling more than .5 million in value, according to the auction house, including two championship rings that Bryant gave his parents after the Lakers won the 2000 title, a signed basketball from that team, his 1996 Pennsylvania high school championship ring and sweat suits he wore at Lower Merion.

His attorney sent a cease-and-desist letter after the auction house announced the sale Tuesday.

"Mr. Bryant's personal property has ended up in the possession of someone who does not lawfully own it," said Kobe Bryant's attorney, Mark Campbell. "We look forward to resolving this legal matter through the legal system."

                     WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING 

Brother John is No. 9 at 11:27 AM May 3, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!!

Nhu Tran at 11:19 AM May 3, 2013

I have to say Kobe is a moron.  How on earth can he bring his mother to court.  He can just purchase the item from her with double price.  He has so much money, and half of it share with his wife.  His wife has married him for only 10 yrs, where as his mother took care of him since he was in her womb.  What kind of son is this?  How can you bring your mother to court, that will cost her money to pay for lawyer.  He should be a responsible son and take care of his mother.  I think bringing his mother to court is his wife's idea. 

I am not a basketball fan, i have no like or dislike with Kobe.  But this action of his toward his mother shows me he's a scumbag from dirt.  This guy is irritating me even more.

All sum up, he's an irresponsible son, a scum bag from dirt.  He's a father, and his wife is a mother.  They should know how hard it is for parents to take care their children.  His action is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE

.viccolonna at 11:17 AM May 3, 2013

all the money in the world and they can't get along? they can afford good help. get some folks. hope it helps. hey kids, he's NOT a role model. found that out a long time ago. hi mom.

 jackhammer3853 at 11:06 AM May 3, 2013

His mother is Out Of Order and needs to allow Kobe to say what happens to his "Stuff"!!

If its money needs then tell Kobe to pay for the storage!!

I'm over his parents always trying to make this grown a__ man remain under age!!

First the father, now the mother! I'm with Kobe on this one!! Just Plain Disgusting!!

 PeterLawrence at 12:10 PM May 3, 2013

He should have offered to buy her the house. Instead, he's wasting money on a lawyer. What a scumbag!

icurheinie at 11:51 AM May 3, 2013

As a parent you never EVER try to capitalize on your children's success like this.  Shameful, regardless of their previous "alleged" conversation.  Even if that conversation happened, it is only common courtesey to check with your child if you want to sell it and buy a house.  Kids change their minds.  It's a shame that Kobe was forced to get a lawyer to stop his own mother from trying to rip him off.

tokyoglide at 11:52 AM May 3, 2013

Talk about some serious family values -- and just in time for Mother's Day.

 PeterLawrence at 12:04 PM May 3, 2013

More proof he is a total scumbag. He tells his mom the items belong to her (which they do since he was not a pro in high school) then when she tries to sell them his skanky lawyer sues her. Despicable. He's used to getting away with raping women so he thinks he can get away wit

AdamVant2 at 12:34 PM May 3, 2013

Undoubtedly the greatest basketball-playing rapist of all time.

LisaPelos at 12:37 PM May 3, 2013

I don't know about rape but at least he didn't get arrested for torturing dumb animals like Michael Vick.

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Make Money Fast Online

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This just in sorry you missed today’s show so you will have to see it Saturday the April 27, 2013 if you are in THE ATLANTA AREA it will be a great show to watch. It sounds very interesting there is no cover charge, Free Admission at will offering, for those of you that are wondering {At Will Offering} Bless them if you have it to give http://WWW.CAKPRODUCTION.COM about the show


What kind of world would it be without Christ? This is the stressing question that has captured JAMAINE-JERMERSON WRIGHT II trapped between two realities.
 One reality dominated by Father who’s Pastoral commitments contradicts the Biblical Teaching, which he professes.
The other a world without CHRIST and meaningless pursuits of happiness
It is in these Different Worlds that we find a family who is in disarray and constantly warring with each other.
It is in these Different Worlds, that we find a Church following a hypocritical pastor who lives an Imposturous lifestyle of greed and infidelity.
It is in these Different Worlds we will find a Daughter overcome with promiscuous desires and materialistic possession; and a Son “confused” in nature. A wife, who finds herself caught in a world that has no room for her.
You may ask yourself what good can come from this …
Journey with us as we go through the perplexities of modern day events, here you will find that our worlds may not be so different.
Come experience a night of Spirit filled laughter, Music and Fun!!!
TWO GREAT SHOWS APRIL 26th & 27th at 8:00 pm
                        2091 FAULKNER ROAD NE
                        ATLANTA GEORGIA 30324



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Photography Needs

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 Hello everyone, hope you all had a Wonderful, Prosperous, and blessed week and are ready for the weekend, Now that all of the hype from the Final 4 is over there were a lot of issues going on with the VENDERS I don't want to go to deep into that because I don't really know to much about what really went on but bits and pieces and I don't want to lead you down the wrong path { 1 person in a DITCH is better than a thousand }and I'd rather be that One. From my understanding down and around the 5 Point area there where Venders "STREET VENDERS you know the ones that sale the Produce,Chips  Novelty items Hotdogs you know thing that the TOURIST can buy and nibble on as they walk threw the FIVE POINT AREA,items they can  take back home as Souviners,you get what I mean, anyway that is the way they make there Money and some have been there for like years as there OPPORTUNITY of owning there Own BUSINESS in these hard time where there are not many options to have that chance. Those venders are like the go to guy if you are employed Downtown when your running late because the bus or train is late or you know you can grab that bite because you left home late that morning. This is the Question that I ask and it's pretaining to the guy they arrested I want to say Linebacker hey correct me if I'm wrong I can take it it's close to it. OK this guy has his license in his hand and has a week to expire and they tell him he can't vend there. now again correct me if I'm wrong this is a written contract signed by the state?? this like any other contract is binding and if broken before the said contract has expired the forfeiture is liable.OK Mr. want 2 B Attorney at law. The state broke the contract they are now liable for the week of business he lost but since they arrested him they will use that against him but what do I know 

 3D R5 T N 7 TEAM

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well good morning to you all, hope that every one woke up this morning feeling blessed refreshed to the start of a new day  I hope that today is a PROSPEROUS  day for you & myself as well. ATLANTA so called  Hotlanta, The City, and the famous ATL. that just a few of the nick name for this Big City of Opportunity there is something to do day and night whatever your preference today is the kick off of Centennial Parks NCAA BIG DANCE CONCERT SERIES is a three-day FREE that’s the word I like to here so you now I'll be there it’s a music festival for all ages (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). During this Final Four Weekend, the outdoor concert features high-profile musical artists from around the country.   The Big Dance Concert Series is brought to you by NCAA Corporate Champions AT&T, Coca-Cola and Capital One.
TODAY: The block Party presented by the famous AT&T starts at 3:00 pm which features The Saints of Valory, My Morning Jacket, and The Zac Brown Band
TOMORROW: Saturday, April, 6th the infamous Coca Cola Zero Countdown starts at 12:00 noon featuring The Yacht Rock Revue, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, FLO RIDA, LUDACRIS {LuuDaaaa} and MUSE and check this out you won't even miss the first game it's going to be on the big screen at the Park.   
SUNDAY: April 7th is THE JAMFEST, sponsored CAPITAL ONE it starts at 2:00 pm and the guess for this event include Blind Pilot, Grace Potter & the Nocturnals.
Sting, and  Dave Matthews Band  I hope that you all enjoy your visit to THE CITY and have a great time most of all be safe and      Be Blessed 


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The 1st Official Blog

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First of all I'm going to be totally honest with you because that's the type person I am. I have no EARTHLY idea what a BLOG is lol. I'm setting here pecking, that's what I call it, because I'm not typing it takes two hands to type I'm only using one hand & one finger plus the fact that I have to go back and figure why the squiggle line are under the words.Ok so this BLOGGING thing they say you just type what ever you feel and or tell people about yourself and why you joined INTERNATIONAL DOMAIN and / or what ever's on your mind, well my finger would get very tired. So could someone tell me what is this Blogging thing and how is it going to help me in my QUEST to bring people to my site and to take advantage of the products I offer???

Ok about me well you already know my name you can call me REGGIE the proud Father & Step Father of 9 that right nine 3D+ R5+T+N 7 which that calculates too Darrell, Dyesha, D'oreall, Reggie Jr., Randwell, Randtrell, Randon,Tameka {RIP}, And Nakeyta ok so I know some one's looking at the #s and the letters and saying AHhh? I only see 4 Rs???? dahhh!! whats my name oh and don't forget That's Sr. {smiling} 7 is the month of july which is the sign of the LION that represent POWER and is {BKA} Better Known As THE KING.  my favorite numbers that I play in the lottery 3-5-7-11-17-25  you should play emm to just in case I don't, hey I want my split, ok that's about it for now I hope you all don't see all the squiggle lines my finger is sore to now  I think I'll Implement this on my other site as a TEAM I love my KIDs  3D+ R5+T+N 7s TEAM. THANK YOU FOR READING  NOW Browse the site watch the shows and join my TEAM 

 Reginald Johnson Sr

code :ckrljsr7

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